Closing the Digital Divide,
One Youth at a Time...

knowledge to change the world

Closing the Digital Divide,
One Youth at a Time...

knowledge to change the world

Who we are

Innovation that excites

In Nigeria, many less privileged youths live in rural areas where access to modern infrastructure and electricity is either poor or limited. Thus, making it difficult for these youths to use
technology at its finest.

A 2022 survey by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) confirms that there are a total of 20 million children and young people out of school in Nigeria.

The Akogun Peak Foundation (APF) is here to change the narrative by introducing technology and science education to under-resourced communities, starting from Ijebu Imusin, Ogun State where a piece of land has already been acquired for this purpose.

AO Stem school 6

Alhaji & Alhaja Ogunmowo


Mrs Faosat Olayinka Idowu (Ogunmowo)


(Akogun) Hakeem Akintunde Oladele Ogunmowo


Our Programs
With a vision to empower underprivileged communities, APF will launch a range of programs to establish a connection between young people from these communities and the advancements in science and technology.


Matching the youths with professionals in different science and technology fields. These mentors provide guidance and support, helping the mentees to achieve their education and career goals.

Mentorship 95%

Science and Technology Education

Offering workshops in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to provide the youths with a strong foundation in these subjects.

It is designed to equip the youths with the critical and problem-solving skills they need to thrive in the fast-paced modern world.

Science and Technology Education 95%

Career Development Program

Providing resume-building workshops, job readiness training, and job placement assistance.

This will basically prepare the youths for the workforce, as they proceed to secure jobs in science and tech-based industries.

Career Development 88%

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We provide resources, support, and mentorship to encourage the youths to nurture, and turn their personal ideas into viable businesses.

That way, they can bring positive change to their individual communities.

Innovation and Entreprenuership 90%
Driven by Core Passion to see Nigeria Thrive
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What drives us

Out of School Children
20 million out of school children in Nigeria
Over 100,000 people in Ijebu Imusin
100,000+ people in Ijebu Imusin

Closing the Digital Divide,
One Youth at a Time...

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