Folasade Katelyn Ogunmowo

Katelyn FolaSade Ogunmowo was born and raised in Los Angeles California. From a young age she always had a love for education and understood the importance of it, as well as the community.

She was always at the top of her class as Valedictorian, excelling academically in all fields. She also was heavily involved in extra-curriculars that allowed her to give back to her community while connecting and exploring different aspects of people in the world, because of this Katelyn has always had a passion for traveling the world as it allows her to learn and appreciate the beauty that each country and culture has to offer.

Katelyn furthered her academic studies at the University of California, Los Angeles where she received a degree in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations. While studying, she focused on expanding her knowledge of economics, history, politics and government and how those four intertwined to produce the society we live in today, as well as how to work to improve it.

During her time at UCLA she devoted plenty of time to mentoring younger students academically and personal development. She served as President of the African Women’s Collective—where she focused on creating a safe community for black women on her campus to be able to connect & excel in their lives as they navigated university.


She also served as Lead Financial Consultant for 4 years for UCLA’s Financial Wellness program where she educated low-income students on crucial financial knowledge and advice that could ease their struggles and set them up for success after graduating.


After graduation, Katelyn accepted a position as a Tech Consultant at Oracle, a Fortune 100 technology company. During her time there she mainly worked with other enterprise companies where she analyzed and advised them on how to improve their current tech stack to increase efficiency in all aspects of their business—through the use of Cloud, AI, and other modern systems.


Additionally she decided to expand her career and is now a Travel and Fashion Influencer and Media consultant. She has partnered and worked in promoting a plethora of large brands—helping them further their mission and expand globally.



While serving at Akogun Peak Foundation, Katelyn hopes to combine her experience in politics, culture, tech and media in order to allow underserved communities to progress and grow.